Founded in 2009, Terrible is home to a notable roster of talent that is redefining the genres of pop, R&B, and electronic. What started as a record label by co-founders Ethan Silverman and Chris Taylor has evolved into a management/label music group with the primary mission of helping put out music that the duo, and audiences, “would obsess over.”

The strength of Terrible lies not only in its variety of talent, but in its roster’s potential. Many of the company’s signees are at the beginning of their careers, yet already are poised to disrupt their specific spaces. Emily Lind, managed by Ethan, has two folky singles to her name and has amassed nearly 2 million streams. Meanwhile, former NFL player EXUM has grown into his role as a new voice in dream pop, rap, and fashion, having only started releasing projects in 2021.

Beyond the roster’s trajectory is its vast and diverse experiences that work to build each artist’s brand. Petey’s unique discography, for example, is only matched by his presence on TikTok, where he creates wholesome and silly content playing multiple versions of himself. The Hellp is an experimental, electronic duo comprised of producer Chandler Ransom Lucy and singer Noah Dillon, who previously ran Hot Mess as a professional photographer. Even the company’s social media presence stands out amongst other traditional record labels’ digital strategy, leaning into tongue-in-cheek memes aimed at their own roster.


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