Music publishing company Loose Change, founded by industry shakers Justin Katerberg and Gav Parry, is focused on developing a community for the next generation of producers and songwriters. Their roster has cut records with the likes of Kimbra, Diplo, Rae Sremmurd & more.

Loose Change brands itself as a “flexible, hands on modern music publisher.” With the help of its parent management company Vitalic Noise, the publisher truly lives up to its claim, providing unrivaled support and dedication to its roster on the development and exploitation ends. Loose Change fully represents producers, songwriters, and musical groups as well as the individual members of those groups. Jack Glass and Chris Stracey (Bag Raiders) along with Tommy Cappel (Beats Antique) are all individual signees of the company, which ensures full coverage of their IP and other songs they are credited on.

Additionally, the publishing company prioritizes giving their clients opportunities to collaborate within their own roster. For example, electronic pop producer Harry Patrick has cut records with Loose Change signees Alana Patmore and Jade Alice. This interconnected and fraternized network combined with the roster’s extensive list of musical collaborators creates a paper trail of diverse, influential songs and compositions that can all be traced back to Loose Change.

Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR


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