Based in New York and Los Angeles, (dis)harmony is the newest sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment. The label launched this week and is led by Ben Locke and Lonny Olinick of AWAL. Ben announced their first two signings are western rock group The Takes & punk rock duo Raue, explaining how both bands are "building fan by fan and have people falling in love with music the way [he] did."

Just like its flagship acts, (dis)harmony aims to keep community and creativity at its center. Locke and Olinick are confident their artists will be able to cut through the noise of an oversaturated new music scene, relying more on their community of fans rather than the next viral moment. Signed to One Plus One for management, Raue offers listeners a nostalgic return to 90s grunge and teenage angst. The group's counterpart The Takes, bring Grateful Dead & Pink Floyd-inspired classic rock suitable for every desert road trip.

While the label's name is partly an homage to Ian MacKaye's Dischord Records, (dis)harmony represents "an ode to the crossroads of dissonance and harmony that great music tends to lie at." Be sure to look out for more news about Sony's new imprint and more signings in the future. Read the official announcement for (dis)harmony below.

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