Activist Artist Management is a full-service music and film/TV talent advisory & management firm founded in 2018. With offices across the country in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City and Atlanta, Activist oversees an impressive roster of recording artists – The Lumineers, Young The Giant, Empire of the Sun – actors, and brands. The firm proudly asserts its two-pronged approach to the entertainment industry of bolstering their clients' careers and affecting positive change with their clients' platform.

Nashville artist-turned-manager Matt Maher, intellectual property attorney Bernie Cahill & entrepreneur Greg Suess serve as founding members of Activist. Prior to Activist, the trio managed acts like Grateful Dead and Michael Franti, who were already passionate activists. Music having the potential to be a unique catalyst of change, Maher explains how "we really wanted to create a culture and a company that incorporated that same purpose of social responsibility, and Activist Artists Management was born."

The firm achieves this positive impact by supporting diverse carbon-fighting projects to eliminate significantly more greenhouse gas pollution than they create, which turns their operations climate positive. Furthermore, earlier this year Activist signed Human Rights Watch, a Nobel Peace Prize winning international organization working to promote and defend human rights around the world. Activist and its partners continue to take their roster to new heights and remain dedicated to creating an impact greater than themselves.

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Featured, by ROSTR


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