Self-labeled as “the underground voice for the lost youth,” STONE is a four-piece band from Liverpool known for their infectious pop-infused rock songs. Mixing head-banging indie rock with social commentary, STONE brings energy that fits with underground grunge as well as it does massive stadiums. Speaking of, the band just wrapped a show-stopping performance at Glastonbury in June, with lead vocalist Fin Power at the helm.

Following Glastonbury, STONE have been keeping the party going at a flurry of summer festivals including Barn on the Farm, Mad Cool, and more. The band is no stranger to the live rock scene, having cut their teeth playing alongside acts like YungBlud, Inhaler, and Sam Fender.

Although there has been no promise of an album, we have seen a three single rollout via Polydor just this year, which is very promising. Their newest single “I Gotta Feeling” harps on the fragile egos and toxicity that is commonplace in every bar on a Saturday night. Power shared that he and the group’s drummer Alex Smith “went out” and saw “how hostile the environment in the bars were,” explaining that the rock cut “helps to show self-insight, and that a lot of people will relate to it.” Much like their other tracks, the single is an exciting sonic spectacle that encourages its listeners to liberate themselves.

STONE has seen support on playlists like Noisy & more. Learn more about the Liverpool quartet below.

Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR