Indie pop/rock artist Mini Trees is one week out from the release of her latest EP "Burn Out." The Run For Cover Records project will be the multi-instrumentalist's third EP, following her 2021 debut album "Always in Motion" and a slew of singles in the years between. Having parents with a musical background – her Japanese American mother was a vocalist in the group Hiroshima and her Cuban-born father was a professional drummer – was especially inspiring for Vega, and growing up learning drums and guitar properly acquainted her with alternative, indie, pop & screamo music.

The drummer turned singer-songwriter has always been making her own music, playing in bands as a teenager before fully pursuing an independent project under the name Mini Trees. Her lead single for the EP "Shapeshifter" sees the self-described "living room pop" artist inject driving synths and punchy percussion into this melancholic self-assessment. The vulnerable lyrics illustrate the medley of uncertainty that makes up her own identity and how Vega has learned to change herself to blend in better.

As March 1st marks the release of "Burn Out," next month also sees Mini Trees begin her tour in support of Eliza McLamb, though Vega is no stranger to sharing the stage with other indie pop/rock stars like Julien Baker, Briston Maroney, Hovvdy & Deep Sea Diver. A star in her own right, Vega's triumphant rise is in large part, due to the self-confidence she has found making her latest EP. It is clear that she has imbued that comfortability and confidence as a singer-songwriter in this project and will continue to in the coming years.

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