Seattle's next indie pop star Sea Lemon will "Stop at Nothing" until she is satisfied. Sea Lemon is the solo project of Natalie Lew, a fourth generation Asian-American singer & songwriter. The new project, released via Luminelle Recordings, showcases her own style of dream pop, laced with fuzzy vocal tones and sometimes macabre lyrical imagery. While balancing shoegaze textures with dreamy, upbeat production and performance, Sea Lemon captures a palpable angst and anxiety that is as convincing as it it catchy.

The music video for her first song on the EP "Vaporized" similarly draws on iconic visuals from thrillers like Stephen King's "Misery," which both emphasizes the impending doom implied in the increasingly heavy instrumentals and pays homage to Natalie's love for the horror genre.

Being raised in Seattle afforded Natalie early experiences with cultural music events like Capitol Hill Block Party, KEXP & the annual Sound Off. While her love for music led her to believe she might work as an A&R rep or at a label, joining a band in New York and learning guitar impressed upon Natalie a new passion for writing and creating music. Returning to the Pacific Northwest in 2020, Natalie started working on her EP "Close Up", which released in 2022.

Sea Lemon and her band even had a full circle moment, playing a main stage slot at Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party earlier this August. Sea Lemon has been featured on playlists like "Dreampop" & more.

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Featured, by ROSTR






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