Ari Rivera is a 22 year-old artist originally from the San Francisco-Bay Area who has made significant strides in the business with a unique journey that spans continents and cultures. Having moved to Saudi Arabia at a young age before eventually relocating back to California and then to Los Angeles amid the pandemic, Ari's diverse experiences have deeply influenced his creative approach. A self-producer and key figure in producing for both Harcourt Paloma artists and others, Ari is at the forefront of shaping the collective's identity—whether it be a label, studio, or creative commune is still in the process of being defined. Alongside his partner, Anderson Hao, Ari also forms 1/2 of california emo, a project that allows them the freedom to release music fluidly without the constraints of traditional industry timelines.

Harcourt Paloma, described by Ari as "pop music made by indie heads," stands as a testament to the collective's desire to innovate within familiar soundscapes. This creative collective and label is a tight-knit group of friends pushing the boundaries of their music, with about eight artists currently releasing or working within the Harcourt sphere. Their goal is to expand their circle, including production and writing collaborations with other artists, emphasizing music that resonates personally while exploring the limits of their sonic range.

Ari's most recent release, "horny dog," garnered editorial coverage from Spotify via playlists like "Fresh Finds," "Fresh Finds Indie" & "All New Indie," and will be followed-up by a monthly Harcourt Paloma residency at MakeOut Music in Boyle Heights. The residency will feature a different Harcourt artist headliner on the first Wednesday of each month, starting March 6th with Maisie May & running through July. Ari's headline performance at MakeOut will take place April 3rd, following the release of his upcoming 7-track EP the day prior.

This, along with the support from [untitled]—a platform that has showcased his work and shared liner notes for "horny dog"—underscores the industry's recognition and appreciation of his talent and vision. Ari's journey and contributions to the music scene reflect a dedication to authenticity, collaboration, and innovation, resonating with both fans and professionals within the music industry.

Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR









Management: Cameron Parkins @ All Our Dreams
Agency: unsigned
Label: Harcourt Paloma
Publisher: unsigned


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