West London designer, creative director, music group founder, visual artist & singer Lava La Rue is ready to share their vision with the world. While their EP "Hi-Fidelity" released last year with major success and collaborations with artists like Isom Innis and Biig Piig, the 25 year-old half-Jamaican half-Latvian artist views the project more as a transition than a defining statement in their career thus far. However, their most recent single "Renegade," released via Dirty Hit, offers listeners a glimpse into the new person La Rue is becoming, as well as the new world they are creating. The self-directed music video sees the non-binary musician pay tribute to 90s space dramas and live-action superhero series (green screen and all), which should hold eager fans over until the rest of La Rue's persona loads in.

Already touting quite an impressive resume, La Rue is the founder and creative director of their own visual arts label LAVALAND, which has created music videos for acts like Wet Leg and music collective NiNE8, which was also founded by La Rue. It's clear the artist is slowing down for no one, their first live performance in the United States being on the Coachella stage earlier this April.

As an openly gay and gender fluid biracial artist, La Rue wears all their multiplicities loud. Noting the underrepresentation of queer musicians in the UK, La Rue began their own search for a community of artists. They began frequently throwing parties throughout their teens, swapping clothes with their friends, and making their own magazines. Their sound similarly pulls from their experience growing up in the UK in a culturally rich area. In fact, one exact genre wouldn't do the experimental musician justice, as their tracks are a hodgepodge of indie rock, psychedelic pop, funk, lo-fi & more.

While it may be hard to pin down the colorful picture Lava La Rue paints with their music, it is undeniable the mesmerizing – and almost hypnotic effect – it has on its listeners. Rightfully earned, the genre-bending rapper was among the select few chosen for a spot on Forbes' "30 Under 30" this year. You can find them on playlists like Alternative Pride & Rock Frequency or read up on them further on Ones To Watch.

Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR






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