Jasper Tygner takes a delicate approach to house music. With influences spanning jazz, U.K. garage, jungle, backbeat, & more, the producer fuses soft, melodic synths and rave-adjacent production to create an expansive, cinematic soundscape for the listener. Jasper delivers with his newest track “Limes,” a progressive trance track that feels as hypnotic as it does calming.

The North London composer and multi-instrumentalist explains his work lives “somewhere between headphone music and the club.” While production is a relatively new area of expertise for Jasper, he has been a musician his whole life, proficient in piano, drums, bass, and trombone. After covering other artists’ songs at weekend gigs, the Londoner feels proud he can finally DJ and play his own music live. Back in February, Jasper dropped his project “Real Time” via LG105, his fourth EP released within the past three years. If this is any indication, we can expect more music from the multi-instrumentalist very soon.

Additionally, Jasper will be on the road in July after having supported acts like DJ BORING, Leon Vynehall, and salute on past tours. Jasper Tygner has seen support on playlists like Deep House Relax, New Music Friday Dance, Electronica Romantica & more. Learn more about the house instrumentalist below.


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Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR






Stutter House


Management: Tom Aldridge @ Salt Music Management
Agency: Alex Becket, Evan Greenberg (WW ex-NA/SA), Hugh Parsons, Claudio Lillo (NA/SA) @ CAA
Label: LG105


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