Meet Humble the Great, a London-based singer, songwriter & producer whose laid-back vocals effortlessly glide through the smooth, soulful atmospheres he creates. A personal favorite of ours to watch grow on TikTok, Humble lets his music speak for itself, pairing the tracks with simple visuals and good vibes.

His two year hiatus from dropping has culminated in the release of the highly anticipated single "pink dress" (via NBRHOOD). The multi-instrumentalist's R&B influences come through clear as day, the sunset-drive-bop feeling like an understated cut from a Free Nationals or Anderson .Paak album.

Although the artist's name is an oxymoron, Humble is one of the more authentic artists you'll come across today. Embracing imperfection, Humble explains he doesn't want his music "or visuals to seem too crisp. I want it to be obvious I made this in my living room, it's my style." By the same token, the Abbey Road Institute graduate is no stranger to experimentation in the creative process, starting tracks with just percussion, producing based off an interpolation of another song, or deciding on a song title and trying to write the rest.

Managed by Samuel Towe over at + FOURS, the Kent producer opened for Mahalia a few months ago, and will hopefully be playing some of their own shows very soon. Humble has been featured on playlists like Fresh & Chill and more.

Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR










Management: Samuel Towe @ + FOURS
Agency: Jack Berg @ Pure (EU)


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