One of the freshest signees to Epic Records, Greek-American singer Evangelia pens pop hits influenced by her rich culture. The New Jersey-born artist spent summer's on her grandmother's farm in Crete, a stage in her life she is continually grateful for since she has gotten older and gained a larger platform.

Evangelia first toyed with open mic nights while teaching as an elementary school teacher, but made the decision to dive headfirst into music after losing her job. She soon met her producer and partner Stolar – responsible for producing records for Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello & more – and the two began crafting pop songs. Evangelia took inspiration from artists like Shakira and ROSALÍA, who believe their roots enrich their music and allow for an opportunity to share one's culture to the world.

With a similar mission in mind, Evangelia started incorporating more of her Greek culture, both visually and in her music. In her debut track "Páme Páme," Greek phrases and traditional Greek instruments like the bouzouki take center stage, playing off the grooving rhythm sections. Furthermore, the Greek pop star has had somewhat of a viral moment on TikTok, in which the artist breaks out into spontaneous Cretan pentozali dance at various locations, including a form of Greek bellydancing known as tsifteteli.

The artist has represented her country in more ways than one, submitting to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest for three years now. With plans to do so again in 2024, Evangelia is anything but shy about sharing her upbringing with her audience. You can also catch her on tour supporting Konstantinos Argiros later this winter. Give her new song "M'Aresei" a stream too while you're at it.

Featured, by ROSTR

Featured, by ROSTR








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