Danish producer, singer & songwriter Erika de Casier is gearing up for the release of her third project "Still," out February 21st via 4AD. The Portugal-born artist, who has built up quite the resume over the past few years in co-writes, features & more, has always struggled talking about herself. Having grown up in Copenhagen, the Scandinavian trait of not wanting to stand out – janteloven – instilled in Erika a certain humility. Although she effortlessly pens sexy R&B songs for hushed introverts, de Casier can just as easily compose unabashed, confident Y2K pop – she can credit watching MTV acts like Destiny's Child, Sugababes & Craig David for that.

Her newest single "Lucky" leans further into UK garage-infused R&B and sets up de Casier for what is expected to be a more vulnerable and honest album. Talented performers like Blood Orange, Shygirl & They Hate Change are slated to feature on "Still." Along with a coveted Coachella festival slot, the producer has earned writing credits on four of the six songs on NewJeans' anthemic EP "Get Up." The Copenhagen artist's unique style and sound helped set apart the rising K-pop group from the typical maximalist pop style of the genre, leading them to the #1 spot on the Billboard Charts. Although this is her first time writing for others, de Casier is no stranger in lending her talents to other artists, having featured on the Blood Orange track "Relax and Run" and remixing Dua Lipa's "Physical," per the superstar's request.

This new project embodies de Casier's work towards feeling comfortable with the swagger-filled personality she displays on screen and on stage, and learning to remove ego from the equation and just be herself. "Still" is de Casier's way of letting us know that she is "still here." Fans have a lot more to look forward to as Erika promises there are still a lot of different sides to her waiting to be seen.

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