Sydney pop duo and style icons Cat & Calmell write existential songs about Gen Z’s bleak future, and look damn good doing it. Catherine Stratton and Calmell Teagle go way back; the two met at an after school music program and bonded over the fact they were both asthmatic. Their debut song/breakout hit “dumbshit” offers an excellent introduction to their vibe of catharsis, angst, and uncertainty. Since the release in 2020, the besties have kept the momentum going with their second single “dramatic” scoring a feature on Netflix’s Original Series “You.” Not to mention, 2022 saw the musicians open for Dua Lipa in Melbourne.

This year, the pair have been treating fans with new punk-infused tracks. Similar to their fashion, which draws heavily from Y2K and vintage, Cat & Calmell’s new music features fuzzy guitars, distorted vocals, and vulnerable lyrics that put you right back in your childhood bedroom, with the door slammed shut and the volume cranked. Speaking of the duo’s songwriting, they have no problem taking their listeners to dark places. “dramatic” touches on the frustrations of growing up during a climate-crisis while “Overstimulated” speaks on loneliness, isolation, and anxiety you feel even while loved ones are around you.

Recently, Cat & Calmell have taken their certified bops on the road, opening for Mallrat earlier this spring. They also teased that a larger project is on the way, and will have some visual components to go along with it. At their core, the rising pop stars want their fans to have a good time. “Whether it be an outlet or solace or just good vibes, all we ever want is for our songs to have their own connection with every listener.” The duo has seen support on playlists like Pop Sauce, SALT, Front Left & more. Learn more about the Australian pair below.

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Featured, by ROSTR



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