September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

Out of Beta (finally)

Out of Beta (finally)

Out of Beta (finally)

Today, 1,429 days since we launched, ROSTR is finally coming out of Beta.

While we haven't labelled the product as a Beta for sometime now, ROSTR as a business has had all the hallmarks of a Beta.

We've been trying things, seeing what works, iterating on the stuff that does and dropping the stuff that doesn't.

3+ years in, we know that we have a core product that works. That people need.

Now it's time to double-down.

We're announcing a series of changes that we hope are going to position ROSTR to become an even more indispensable part of the music industry professional toolkit.

There's a lot changing so here's a summary with links to more info about each...

ROSTR Free is changing

We're evolving our business model.

ROSTR has two tiers - Free and Pro.

Up until now ROSTR Free has given professionals unlimited access to ROSTR (minus some of Pro's more powerful features).

From today, ROSTR Free will still be free but members will be limited to viewing up to 10 unique profiles every 30 days.

For around half of our free members, who just need to pop in every now and then, they won't be affected by these changes. But for professionals using ROSTR more regularly they may need to upgrade to the unlimited and more powerful ROSTR Pro. New members will be unlimited for the first 30 days.

🚨 ROSTR Pro members are unaffected by these limits.

👉 Read more about these changes and why we're making them here

We're introducing a range of new pricing options including new team pricing

With the changes to Free we wanted to make sure we're introducing a range of options to upgrade to ROSTR Pro.

  1. Simpler pricing on monthly, annual and 3-year plans. All of which are 2-3x cheaper than our competitors.

  2. New special discount plans for Students, Under 26, partner offerings and non-profits.

  3. New and simpler team pricing for companies that need access for multiple members of staff

👉 Read more about the new individual pricing and discounts here

👉 Read more about new, simpler team pricing here

We're adding some features and removing some others

We've made a number of previously pro-only features available to free members. We've also removed a few undercooked features entirely. Read more.

We've moved some things around in Pro as well as removed some barely used features to make the product and experience much more focused. Read more.

Introducing ROSTR Insider - a new home for editorial by the ROSTR team.

At it's core, ROSTR is a database of connections in the music industry. But, our members are increasingly coming to ROSTR to find out about news, new artists, new companies, data analysis and more.

Each week ROSTR Insider will bring you the most important signings, featured artists, new companies, ROSTR's unique data analysis and more.

ROSTR Insider is available to members and non-members.

👉 Read more about ROSTR Insider here.

We relaunched our website at

We now have a new home on the web that better represents ROSTR.

👉 Read more about the new website here.

Questions / Get in touch

If you have any questions on any of this, you can get in touch here.