September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

Simpler pricing + special discounts

Simpler pricing + special discounts

Simpler pricing + special discounts

With the changes to Free we wanted to make sure we're introducing a range of options to upgrade to ROSTR Pro.

  1. New, clearer pricing on monthly, annual and 3-year plans. All of which are 2-3x cheaper than our competitors.

  2. New special discount plans for students, young people, non-profits and partner discounts.

  3. An extra Free trial if you've taken one before

  4. Our best ever deal on ROSTR Pro for the next 7 days.

Individual Pricing

For individuals who don't qualify for any of our discounts, ROSTR Pro comes in three flavors:

  1. Pay monthly: $50/month for your first year increasing to $60/month after your first year.

  2. Pay annually: Save 25% vs our standard monthly plan. $540 each year (see our special offer below to get an extra $100 off this).

  3. Pay every 3 years.: A one-off payment of $1,200 for 3 years on ROSTR Pro. That's the equivalent of $33/month.

👉 Check out pricing and compare plans

Special Discounts

We're also introducing a series of discount options.

  1. Students: if you're in higher education you can get ROSTR for just $15/month.

  2. Under 26: if you're lucky enough to be Under 26 you can get ROSTR for just $40/month. You'll get more out of it than that Soho House young person's membership too.

  3. NIVA & NITO: we have partnerships with both organizations for 50% off ROSTR Pro annual for new customers.

  4. Non-Profits: if you're a non-profit get in touch and we'll do a custom deal that works for your organization.

All of these plans require some form of verification so please hit the contact us button on the relevant plan and we'll get back to you asap.

👉 Check out special discounts

Extra Free Trial

Usually, ROSTR members can only take one free trial.

However, we just reset any past trials so if you want to try ROSTR Pro again before subscribing you can. Just hit the free trial button on the plan you want and you'll get another 14-days free to kick the tires.

Our Best Ever Deal

For the next 7 days only get our best ever deal with an extra $100 off ROSTR Pro annual.