September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

What Pro members need to know about these changes

What Pro members need to know about these changes

What Pro members need to know about these changes

👋 ROSTR Pro members,

I want to let you know about some changes we’re making to ROSTR’s free tier.

From today, ROSTR Free members will be limited to viewing 10 unique profiles every 30 days.

These limits do NOT affect Pro members. They only apply to members who are on the free tier.

What will affect you is that ROSTR Pro is going to improve. By finding a better balance between our free and paid offerings we'll be able to grow the business faster and increase investment in the product.

You can read more about the changes and why we're making them here.

Other Changes

There are also a few other changes and new announcements I wanted to make you aware of as a Pro member.

A new(old) Pro homepage

From today, when you go to ROSTR you'll now land on the News+Moves homepage instead of the old Pro homepage. This is now just called Home.

Going forward we will post all Pro updates on this feed including signings, new tours, new festivals, exclusive data, featured artists and more.

We made this change because the data showed that most of our Pro members were visiting News+Moves on almost every visit so instead of sending you to a new place for Pro, we're going to bring Pro to what was f.k.a. News+Moves.

We're also in the middle of rebuilding this whole page so there's some cool improvements coming to this soon.

Improved Navigation

We've simplified and improved navigation. It's now easier to get to the Tour and Festival Directories as well as manage your subscription. If you're a team admin, it's now easier to get the Team Manager too.

"Advanced Search" is now called "Discover"

We've rebranded Advanced Search as Discover.

The feature is still the same but we feel that Discover is a better way to describe the tool.

You'll find Discover in the newly re-designed Navigation.

We removed a couple of undercooked features

There were a few features on ROSTR Pro that barely anyone used that we've now removed.

  • The Discover Artists and Discover Companies pages (not to be confused with Advanced Search's new name - Discover). These were pages that showcased different artists and companies across the platform.

  • The Tag Directory. This was a directory that housed various lists. Also barely used, so removed.

The content of these features isn't going away though. Going forward we're going to be using your new Home feed to bring you all of these updates in one place.

Plus we just launched ROSTR Insider (see below) to house more editorial stuff from ROSTR.

We're making some previously Pro-only features available to Free members.

With the new limits, we felt we could open some of the pro-only functionality to Free members without impacting the value of Pro.

Discover (f.ka. Advanced Search) and Signings are now available to Free members but with some limitations. For example, Free members won't be able to see team info in Discover and will have to click through to a profile and use one of their profile views. Signings will only show company information and not individual agents or managers (requiring a profile view).

The Artist Insights and Live tabs on artist profiles are now unlocked for Free members too. Visiting these requires using one of 10 profile views so Pro members still have the better deal here as they have unlimited access.

We have also removed some features that were not exclusive to Pro.

  • We've removed the Company Directory (this was largely used by Free members. Discover does this, but better).

  • We've removed Favorites. This was rarely used and we will rebuild it better. If you were using Favorites and would like an export please contact

  • We've removed the Services Directory. This sucked but we're already in the process of rebuilding it.

👉 Read more about this all here.

Simpler Team pricing for big discounts

We've introduced new, simpler Team pricing.

If you're not currently on a team and have colleagues that also use ROSTR then we can get you set up with a heavily discounted Team plan.

👉 Read More about the new team pricing.

We've introduced Under-26 and student discounts

If these apply to you we're happy to switch your subscription. Please go to special discounts here and hit the relevant contact us button.

We're running our best ever offer for new customers, but you can get it too

For the next 7 days we have a deal on our annual plan for new customers.

If you're currently on a monthly plan we want to extend this offer to you too.

Move to an annual and get an extra $100 off the standard price.

If you'd like to take this up, please click here.

Introducing ROSTR Insider

ROSTR Insider is a new home for editorial, features and analysis from the ROSTR team.