January 26, 2024

January 26, 2024

January 26, 2024

Your New Homepage

Your New Homepage

Your New Homepage

"ROSTR is literally my homepage!"

This is always so wild to hear. Of course, this is what we're aiming for and it's awesome. While we're stoked ROSTR has value for so many people, the truth is the ROSTR homepage has kinda sucked for a while.

Since our launch in 2019 we've redesigned or recoded almost every part of ROSTR. Except for the homepage.

Until today...

We just rolled out what we've internally been calling "Project Homepage Glow Up". A completely revamped home for ROSTR. Faster, more modern, more media, more mobile friendly, more fun.

Helping you keep track of the industry

You come to ROSTR to stay up-to-date with what's happening across the music industry.

We've completely redesigned the news feed to make doing that faster, easier on the eye, more dynamic, and more fun.

We've also revamped the sidebar to make it easier for you to dive into highlights, signing and trending from across ROSTR.

It's also going to be easier for us to get you more info. With this new tech and design you can expect to see a more dynamic homepage that keeps you in the loop with more stuff that's happening on ROSTR (and off it).

Helping you discover more cool shit

ROSTR tracks A LOT of data. But you have to dig a lot of it up. Your new homepage is going to change that with more ways to help you discover great artists, people, companies, tours, festivals, lists and more.

Helping you dig deeper with AI

Last year we launched ✨ ROADIE - an AI sidekick on ROSTR that helped you learn more about artists. Today we're bringing ✨ ROADIE to the homepage, using AI to bring you more info on artists, companies and other music industry news.