August 1, 2023

August 1, 2023

August 1, 2023

Introducing Jobs by ROSTR

Introducing Jobs by ROSTR

Introducing Jobs by ROSTR

Recently, I caught up with a friend who’d been part of a mass layoff & was searching for a new job in music.

LinkedIn was his go-to.

Apparently, it was “fine, lots of jobs, but too generic”.

What about the music industry-focused job boards?

“They suck”. 😵‍💫

Hard to drill down to the right kind of jobs. Jobs that were often expired. The design/UX is terrible.

That conversation was 3 weeks ago.

Today, we launched Jobs by ROSTR.

ROSTR is about connecting the music industry. Jobs always felt like something we might do. That conversation pushed it over the line.

Like ROSTR, Jobs by ROSTR is a fast, modern & free alternative to the dated tech we’re used to. A music industry job board that doesn’t suck.

To be clear, we didn't build this from scratch. We found some great software built by people who know jobs better than we do. Then we customized it for the music industry. Then the team worked their a$$es off to get 20+ amazing partners on board for launch.

But good software alone isn’t enough (It took us maybe 3 years to convince most people that putting their rosters on ROSTR might be a good thing 😱), so this time I’m asking for your help directly to get this cranking...

If you know someone looking for a job or a company that is hiring, please share this with them & help us build a better way to connect great people, with great jobs.

The music industry deserves software that doesn’t suck.

🏢 Employers: If you’re hiring head on over & list your role for free while the launch is hot.

👔 Job-seekers: it’s free to use. We have some great roles live already + many more coming soon.

⚡ Live now: check out our launch roles (some exclusive) from TaP Music, Live Nation, Wasserman, Stem, Night, Firebird, ONELOVE, Lucky Group, Vector, Orfium, Milk + Honey, Beatport, & more.